When Was The Last Time You Challenged Yourself?


The latest craze this summer was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Were you challenged to do this challenge to help raise money for ALS awareness?

The ALS IBC raised $94.3 Million in donations between July 27th and August 29th this year. Compare that to the $2.7 Million that was donated last year and you see how effective it was.

The ALS Association isn’t new, they have been around since 1985, and yet, a few people were able to turn a challenge into a very successful campaign for a very old disease.

We all have something in our lives that has been around a pretty long time, don’t we? We think because it’s been around so long we don’t have to push it any further because “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” While this is true, no one ever said to not improve.

In fact, Proverbs tells us to seek knowledge:

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge – Proverbs 18:15

Never stop learning

In the verse above, we see 2 things.

  1. “An intelligent heart acquires knowledge…” – This tells me, even if you think you’re already intelligent, you should keep learning.
  2. “…the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” – Here, it shows us we should always be watching for knowledge and learning from anywhere we can find benefit.

The Challenge

Now that we’ve seen we should always be seeking knowledge and constantly learning, here’s my challenge to you. Are you ready?

Find one area in your life that has always been there but you enjoy doing and improve on it. Intentionally start finding ways to improve that one thing.

  • Do you enjoy cooking? Watch a few YouTube videos on new ways to prepare your favorite dish, or find new ways to mix some of those flavors together and invent something new!
  • How about reading? Challenge yourself to not just read but read X amount of books in the next 30 days, or even see how quickly you can read through the entire Bible! I have many friends who try to read it once a year, but I have a particular friend who tries to read it 4 times a year. To me, THAT’s a challenge!
  • Do you write? If it’s a blog, even a really small one, Jeff Goins has started a 21 Day Challenge which starts Monday 10-6-2014. Join by clicking here.
  • If you enjoy running, push yourself to the limit and see how long or how fast you can achieve your goal.

Set Your Goal

I challenge you to start for 30 days, whatever it is, and set a goal of a place to be in that time frame. You can do this, and here’s how.

There are multiple ways to set goals, but I’m going to present you with, what I believe, 2 of the most successful ways to set goal:



  • Specific: Clearly define your target or end result. Avoid being vague and instead think about the who, what, where, when, why and how of your goal.
  • Measurable: Think about the numbers associated with your goal. How will you measure success?
  • Action-oriented: Develop a plan of action in order to achieve your goal. Make it as specific as possible.
  • Realistic: Make sure your goal is possible and reachable. You can always make additional goals once you’ve reached your initial result.
  • Time-bound: Set a deadline to motivate yourself towards change



  • Heartfelt: Develop deep-seated and heartfelt attachments to your goals on levels that are intrinsic, personal and extrinsic. Use these connections to naturally increase the motivational power you put behind making your goals happen.
  • Animated: Create goals that are so vividly alive in your mind that to not reach them would leave you wanting. Use visualization and imagery techniques to sear your goal firmly into your brain including perspective, size, color, shape, distinct parts, setting, background, lighting, emotions and movement.
  • Required:Give procrastination (which kills far too many goals) the boot. Convince yourself and others of the absolute necessity of your goals and make the future payoffs of your goals appear far more satisfying than what you can get today. This will make your HARD Goals look a whole lot more attractive and amp up your urgency to get going on them right now.
  • Difficult: Construct goals that are optimally challenging to tap into your own personal sweet spot of difficulty. Access past experiences to use them to position you for extraordinary performance. Identify your goal setting comfort zone and push past it in order to attain the stellar results you want.

While I believe in both systems to be very useful. H.A.R.D Goals seem to fit my challenge to you the best. I want you to challenge yourself with something that is “deep-seated and heartfelt, vividly alive in your mind and would leave you wanting, urgent to get them going and completed, and something that will challenge you to tap into your own personal sweet spot.”



Community of Challengers

Do you need some motivation? Or an accountability partner? Comment below on what you want to challenge yourself to do for the next 30 days and find someone else who has done the same. If you’re comfortable doing so, swap email addresses and email each other every day.

Can’t find anyone? If you comment below or send me a direct message with the Contact page, I’ll email you every day and help keep you accountable to your goal.

Either way, I want you to succeed in challenging yourself in anything you do or want to do. Let me know what it is and how I can help.


Thank you and God Bless.

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