The Monk and The Merchant

The Monk and The MerchantAuthor Terry Felber hit a home run when he wrote this book in 2005. Being a Dave Ramsey fan and a new found reader of books, I wanted to know what books Dave recommended or even required his team to read.  The Monk and the Merchant is on the required list, and now I know why.

  • Easy to read:
    • I started this book Friday evening just before bed, reading only the forward by Dave himself.  Sunday, on the drive back from Dallas, I was quickly back in the book and almost finished it within about a 3 hour time frame.  I finished the last chapter Monday evening as I was winding down for the night. All in all I believe I spent maybe 4 to 5 hours total reading this great book.
  • Intriguing story:
    • Julio, an 18 year old is ready to pick his career. His grandfather, Antonio, knows it’s a very important decision and wants to lend his wisdom. He tells Julio the story of his success and provides him a journal with lessons learned and the secrets to his success. Terry has included those secrets in what he calls “12 keys to successful living.”
  • Biblical principle:
    • I love books that tell a story with good moral principles in them, but I love books even more when the story has Biblical principles behind it.  In the back of the book you find 18 Bible verses pertaining to the story, and Terry has so graciously even attached them with a page number so you can reference the two together.
  • Great ending:
    • Have you ever read a book or watched a movie that just ended and left you wanting to know what happened? Or maybe you got that twist at the end that was unexpected but really cool? I think this book has both along with closure.  I know it’s a weird thought to have all 3 but Terry pulled it off in this one. I wasn’t expecting the ending, it was a great closure for the book, and I still wanted to know where it went from there.

I strongly encourage you to check out this book.  Amazon has it at a great price, just click the product link below to get it today!

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