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smartmoneysmartkidsDave Ramsey has done it again, and this time, he has included his daughter, Rachel Cruze. With Dave’s normal energy and mission to teach everyone to live debt free and Rachel’s passion for the younger generations to learn it is possible, the product they’ve put out here is outstanding. 



My Views

If you’ve never read or heard Dave Ramsey, this book has almost everything he teaches, and Rachel does a great job explaining how to pass it on to your kids.  Dave explains how he and Sharon, his wife, constantly watched for teachable moments with all 3 of their kids.  Rachel added on to Dave’s teachable moments with how they impacted her and stuck with her throughout her life to make her the woman she is today.
As with most, if not all, of Dave’s books, it’s explained about his family’s bankruptcy, except, with Rachel co-authoring the book, she gives a new perspective on being born at the right time to learn exactly how to be successful with money even when you have nothing.
The back and forth approach between Dave and Rachel compliments each section of the chapters extremely well. Typically when there are co-authors, the book doesn’t seem very fluid when you’re reading it, but not so with this book.  It was especially nice to have an audio book, listening to both of them as they read the book was like listening to a conversation between father and daughter about life growing up a Ramsey.

Main Points

If you have ever read or heard Dave Ramsey, you know the main points are to live a life of being debt free and leaving a legacy for the next and future generations.  Here are a few of the main points Dave and Rachel teach that really hit home for me as I read the book.

  1. It’s never too early to teach:
    This is taught through out the book in almost every chapter.  Your kids are never really too young to learn how to handle money, you just have to watch for teachable moments.
  2. More is caught than taught:
    I think this is Rachel’s favorite phrase as she uses this in a lot of the chapters.  If you’re not handling money correctly, what makes you think your children will listen to you when you try and “teach” them to do it correctly.  They’ll watch you make mistakes and eventually make the same mistakes as well because you didn’t walk the walk, just talked the talk.
  3. Leave a Legacy:
    OK, this isn’t a new point by any stretch for Dave Ramsey, but it’s one I’ll always carry with me and attempt to do in my life for my future family. If I can be the best steward of my life, in every aspect, then I can and will leave an amazing legacy for my family.  They’ll have the knowledge to remain financially free, they’ll know how to manage their time, finances, spiritual life, and know how to work. They’ll know they own NOTHING, and it’s all God’s blessings.  That alone is a legacy worth leaving to anyone and everyone.

Of course I recommend the book.  You can take in so much of this information and apply it to your own life if you’re not already living it, and then you have the information on how to pass it along to your kids.  If you’re like most parents, your goal for your children is to give them a better life than you had, this is the book that can tell you how to do that.  Not only are you going to live a financially free life yourself which allows you to bless your children while they’re young, but you have the power to teach them how to live a financially free life so they have a better life after they’ve moved out!  Outstanding book, get it from Amazon today (link below) if you haven’t already!

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