How To Be Rich

BeRich_128x128How to Be Rich by Andy Stanley is a book that you need to read. Everyone needs to read.  And if you have the means, I believe you could be a blessing in many people’s lives if you bought a case of these and handed them out to everyone you know.  In today’s society, getting what we want and getting it NOW is the definition of wealth, but what if we looked at being rich in a different perspective? What if driving the nicest cars and earning a lot of money isn’t what being rich is all about?  Do you know how to be rich? Andy Stanley challenges that question in this book.


What do you think it means to be rich? Do you believe you’re rich? Do you think you’re not rich but not poor? Andy goes through details in this book that will answer those questions and challenge the way you look at your current situation.  I have to agree with Andy, we look at life the wrong way.  We see things materialistically and think if we’re not making a lot of money or driving the nicest car or living in the nicest home that we’re rich.  That’s now what our life is about.  And if we are in a position we can consider ourselves rich, do we act appropriately or do we act like we’re better than everyone else?  Do you know “HOW to be rich?”

Short And To The Point

This book is short, at a very nice 135 pages, you can read this book easily in a week.  It’s very direct and very understandable. I’m not a fan of those books that give you a point and then beat it in over 30 page chapters so it was refreshing to read this, get the point with a few extra examples, and move on to the next point.  Andy does a great job not going so deep to lose the reader in this book.

Pick it up today if you can, it’s definitely worth the price, and I suggest giving it to many people, maybe even as a gift for your church.  We have to change our way of looking at the wealthy and being rich.  We can change that by learning How to Be Rich.

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