How Early Can Your Kids Learn Stewardship?

I hear this question pretty frequently. When I do, I usually step back and ask myself, in my mind, well, how early do you teach your kids about God, love, or any other necessity in life.

No, I’m not comparing stewardship to God or Love, but I am saying it’s pretty important in life, and I believe we should start teaching our children as soon as possible about it.

I consider stewardship a critical thing to learn in our lives. How we manage our possessions, time, talent, and finances is very important to not only our lives but to God!



Jaxon Waldrop – 15 Months Old

My 3rd child, Jaxon, is 15 months old, and if I sit back and think about it, we’re already teaching him good stewardship. Hard to believe isn’t it? But, it’s true!

Jaxon already knows where toys are, and he knows where to take them to put them up (when we can get him to). Obviously, he’s not 100% yet on doing it right every time and we understand why, but we’re laying the foundation for a great steward.

His toys get put up when we ask him to, he knows where the trash is for diapers and other items, and he knows what we mean when we ask him to put something down in fear he’ll break it or hurt himself.




This type of foundation is something we’ve taught all of our children so far, and I believe it’s working quite well.

My 2 oldest, 4 and 3 (3 today actually!), have a very strong foundation. Both of them want to make sure their toys are taken care of and very rarely do we have a toy break except when one of their friends might come over. If we tell them to put up their toys, they know where they go and are very good stewards of managing their resources.

My daughter especially, she has a mind of a hawk and knows where everything is, was, or has been for the last year it seems. I believe she has a very strong foundation in being a good steward, even though she might not understand the term.



So, How Early Can You Start?

Today! I gave examples of my children who are no older than 4 1/2 yrs old, and if we can teach them how to handle their toys or books or anything else they have, that’s a great place to start.


Here are 3 ways you can teach your kids about stewardship:


1. Look for Teachable Moments – I never heard this concept until I was listening to Dave Ramsey one day on his podcast. With kids it’s very important to always look for moments in their lives when you can teach them something. Whether it’s about money, life lessons, or being a good steward you can always find a way to teach them.

2. Instill Stewardship as a Habit This is something we, as parents, should be doing anyways, but often times, we miss the opportunity. As I said earlier, my oldest daughter is 4, and while it took some time to learn, she knows she needs to pick up her toys and take care of them. She knows to help with the dishes, she needs to clear the table and put them in the sink when she’s done eating.

These weren’t hard things to teach our children, but it does take a little bit of time. Instill in them a habit of stewardship by putting up dishes, throwing clothes in the washer, or just picking up their toys. You’ll be amazed how well they do and how quickly they learn.

3. Be The ExampleThis one is a little harder because you have to remember you’re ALWAYS being watched! Yup, those little eyes are watching you to make sure you walk the walk. While I can’t tell you how critical this is to your children, I can tell you it’s the most critical thing you can do when teaching your kids anything. If you say don’t yell, but you yell, why shouldn’t they yell too? If you turn the TV off to sit back and play with your kids, they will realize the TV isn’t an idol in your house and they’ll want to play with you more or play with each other more.

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, wow, I never thought about it that way, then good. I want you to think long and hard about how you act around your children. How you treat other people. How you treat them. What you do in your spare time. Do you ignore them and watch TV, or do you stay glued to your electronic device while they run around screaming in yelling at each other?  Do you teach them to be good stewards of their stuff but putting up your stuff? Do they even know you manage money?

That last one is very important as well, because if they don’t know anything about the family finances, they won’t have any financial knowledge later on in life. Start teaching young, let them watch you put money in different envelops so they know once that money is gone, it’s gone forever!

My Challenge To You

I challenge you to go out of your comfort zone this week and start teaching your kids something about stewardship. Whether it be picking up after yourself, showing them how you manage some of your money, or reading the Bible to them or praying with them. You can do anything you want, but I want to know what it is so I can pray for you as you go through the challenge.

Are you up for this type of challenge?Let me hear about it below in the comments.


In the mean time, thank you for reading and God Bless!

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