Home Run – Kevin Myers & John Maxwell

Home Run

There are no shortcuts or steals in the spiritual journey of life. HOME RUN is a guidebook for living life and learning how to succeed God’s way.

“Home Run – Learn God’s Game Plan for Life and Leadership”

This is an amazing book that will give you a new perspective on how you are “running the bases.” In this life of constant battle between God, family, friends, careers, and anything else we’re doing, Kevin has given us a play by play on how to fulfill our life and hit one it out of the park.


I’m a big fan of John Maxwell as most people who want to learn about leadership are, but I was truly inspired by the words of Kevin Myers and his game plan for life and leadership in Home Run. John sneaks his extremely helpful comments and stories in for each chapter very well, and he even gives you discussion topics to use as a small study guide if you so choose.

This is great for going back and making sure you don’t miss any steps. I can now take this book and put it on my yearly read shelf and reexamine where I am and how to improve every year, but not only that, I’m able to take the material and help others learn how to hit a Home Run in life and leadership as well. With the passion I have for teaching, this is huge. I basically got a book, a study guide, and a teachers manual all in one!

“Together, using a baseball diamond as an analogy for following God’s plan for life, Myers and Maxwell provide a clear path forward while helping you keep your priorities in order and your eyes on the prize. What is that pattern?” – excerpt.

  • Connection with God: Winning Dependence
  • Character: Winning Within
  • Community: Winning with Others
  • Competence: Winning Results

Home Run really does have it all if you’re looking for a game plan on how to live your life the way God designed and have that complete balance with Him, yourself, your family, and your career. I highly suggest picking it up today so you can learn these key elements to having a Home Run in life and Leadership. As with any book or resource, it only works if you apply it. As Kevin states here in Home Run, you get many chances to step up to the plate. Make each one of them count.

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