#FitMoneyChallenge – Fitness Goal

The #FitMoneyChallenge

Recently, a new friend of mine, Casey Lewis of Casey-Lewis.com, started a challenge. He called it the #FitMoneyChallenge. He allowed for people to sign up through his site for a 90 day challenge to get a healthier body and healthier wallet. I love this concept, and it’s something I 100% believe in.

Part of being a good steward is being a good steward in ALL areas of our lives including: finances, health, spiritual, career, etc.

The Goal

The reason I tell you about this challenge is because I want to tell you about my fitness goal. I have found that the Facebook group is great, but if I put this in writing so all of you can read it, I have double the accountability. I need your help to keep me going with my goals.


My fitness goal for the 90 Day #fitmoneychallenge


I really have to focus on this one. I’ve started running/walking almost 5 miles every day outside of my normal walking to help me build endurance. My wife was awesome and let me spend some money on new shoes which after a lot of research online for the top 10 running shoes and trying those same 10 on at the store, I found the Asics Gel-Nimbus 17‘s to be the best shoes for me.

I bought these shoes 6 days ago on May 2nd, and I’ve already put 16 1/2 miles on them just in exercising (I haven’t worn them outside of an exercise yet). I love these shoes as they have great comfort inside and are light enough (to me) for a nice easy walk/run.


What would be one of your fitness goals?

I’m interested to know what you might have as a fitness goal? I chose running for 2 reasons:

  1. I’ve always stunk at running – I had really bad asthma when I was younger so even though I was stuck in track meets running the mile (who in the world knows why), I was never a runner, fast nor long distance. I want to be able to say I can at least run 1 mile even if it’s not an Olympic record, I want to be able to run just 1 mile consecutively.
  2. It helps clear my head – The more I go out and run or walk, the more I get to clear my head. It helps me release any stress from work, family, finances, or whatever might be causing it at the time. It’s a good time to listen to a podcast or talk to God. Getting out, with no one around, not even the dogs, allows me to clear my head and refocus.

Based on the fitness goal you would select for a 90 day challenge, Why would you pick that one? What or how would it benefit you?

If you’ll notice, my 2 reasons aren’t even related to health. Does it help me? Of course it does. Do I benefit from it more than just these 2 ways? Of course it does.

Make sure your reason why is why you’re doing it. Don’t do it for other people, do it for you.



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