Financial Freedom God’s Way Academy

Christian Financial Ministries Financial Freedom God's Way Academy

Stewardshipdad has partnered with Christian Financial Ministries to lead others to Financial Freedom God’s Way! My class starts in May with a limited number of slots available, so if you’re interested in receiving a Biblical foundation of true financial freedom, please click the registration button below and sign up today! My prayer for you is that you have a Biblically strong (ROCK) foundation to build your financial applications upon. Below are a few more details of what you can expect to help you on your way to financial freedom.

* Comprehensive and innovative approach to Bible-based personal financial transformation.
** Built on the three questions God asks of you if you want to make a spiritual and financial difference in His Kingdom.
** Discover/apply the Ephesians Chapter 6 links between spiritual warfare, God’s spiritual armor and your personal finances.
** Dig deep into six critical biblical “money” verses.
** Learn some Greek, see some Jewish “word pictures,” and have some fun along the way.
* 50 Web-based sessions presented through a unique, interactive educational web site.
** Includes 35 one-to-one personalized video coaching sessions (average: 37 minutes each).
** Video graphics include historic faith-based art, modern day photography, movie and TV video clips, and Power Points.
** Videos, audios, transcripts, PowePoints and supplemental materials are all downloadable for you to keep, use, and share.
** High accountability required to include homework and blogging assignments.
* Built on 26 years ministry experience working with Christian financial authors & teachers like Dave Ramsey & Larry Burkett.

                          Click here for the “Academy Landing page” & more Seminar info               


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