Confessions of a Terrible Husband

Lessons learned from a lumpy couch


“To my wife. I haven’t always put you first, so I thought it was appropriate to change that. 🙂 “


Confessions of a Terrible Husband is one of those books you just can’t put down. The quote above is the dedication, and as soon as I read this dedication, I knew I would connect with this book because I’ve done the exact same thing in the past.

Nick Pavlidis is a great story-teller that keeps your attention with his descriptive commentary of past events in his life and marriage.

To give you an idea how easy this book was to read and how hard it was to put down, I picked it up after in the air flying out of DFW airport and finished the last page of the book on the tarmac in Scottsdale, AZ – roughly a 2 hour flight.

It’s not a big book, only 143 pages from Foreword to the last page of the last chapter, and those, to me, are some of the best books. Each story is roughly 2-3 pages long making for more chapters but so much less ramble dragging each story on that you might find in other books.


The Making of a Terrible Husband

The first 5 chapters really hit me hard as it completely solidifies the reasoning of why Nick is who he is and what he has done with his life. Of course, without these first 5 chapters, one could argue he might not have been such a “terrible husband” as he calls himself, but then we would all be missing out on these wonderful lessons he has so selflessly offered to share with us.


The Confessions

“My wife and kids would much rather have time with me than an extra option in a car or larger house.”

Chapter after chapter, Nick lays out his struggles caused by decisions influenced by his past. After reading his story, you know he has and, really, always had good intentions in doing what he’s confessed to us here in Confessions of a Terrible Husband.

These confessions are not huge in the grand scheme of things. In fact as you read the book, you might think in the back of your mind – “oh that’s not that bad,” and you may be right. While you read though, you start to realize little things add up, and that is exactly what Nick hits on throughout all of his stories.


The Perfect Complement

“You get better at the things you spend time learning about and working on.”

While reading Confessions of a Terrible Husband, I found myself constantly thinking of the book I finished just before reading this one, Love & Respect. Every story showed me perfect complements to different aspects in Dr. Eggrichs’ book and really proved Ephesians 5:33 to be undeniably true. Wives need love and even the smallest mistakes we, husbands, make can prove disastrous to our marriages.


Order the Book Today!

I highly encourage everyone to pick up this book today. It’s a great read that can even help you gauge your own relationships/marriage. Pick it up from Amazon today with the link below, you won’t be disappointed. Nick’s book packs a lot of wisdom in only a few pages, and I can’t encourage you enough to pick this one up. It’s a great read, especially if you read it along side Love & Respect.


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