Be Intentional and Don’t Look Back

Your WHY is where all of your choices should come from when you are truly intentional.


We make choices every day. We choose to eat because we’re hungry. Many people choose to go to work every day because they want a paycheck.


What choices have you made today? Did you have a reason? What was your why?

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You see, if you want to live intentionally, you must have a WHY. Whether it’s to protect your family from starvation, from danger, or from something else, your family can be your why.


Your desire to honor and serve God can be why you spend time in His Word, in prayer, in volunteering, in the church, etc. Just today I read a friend post a comment that read “serving God is the ultimate why,” and I must agree. THIS is our ultimate purpose in life and everything we do should point to this WHY.


Your determination to be a successful entrepreneur can be why you develop a course, develop a platform, or create a great product.





You don’t have to have just one WHY, but make sure you know why you’re doing something and why you make the choice you make.


I can choose to eat at the wonderful chicken sandwich restaurant and get something deep-fried with some waffle potatoes that are also deep-fried because that just all tastes absolutely wonderful, or I could go home and make a healthy dinner because my why is to live and eat healthier.


Being intentional is never about simply making a choice, but it is always about making a choice with a specific reason behind it.


Do you have a passion, a goal, a dream (write the dream down and it becomes a goal by the way), a reason WHY you want to make certain choices?


  • If not, I urge you to sit down and consider what you want in life.
  • I urge you to sit down and consider WHY you want that particular life.
  • And last, I urge you to get up and go make intentional choices so your why is taken care of.


I have done many things in my life without being intentional. I have found those choices have left me empty and unfulfilled, but when I started making intentional choices and moving with one specific goal in mind, I was energized, driven, and ready to face the world!

I want that for you, I want that for my family and friends. I want a world of driven people who have a reason to be doing what they’re doing.


What’s your why? I’d love to hear from you and find out!
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