Are You a $7.25 Employee?


What’s the best way you place value on yourself?  Is it by what you own? How about by your current hourly wage? How about this question, do you work based on your current hourly wage?  Let me tell you what brought this on.

I have a 2nd job (more like a 4th if you include my 2 home businesses), at the time of this writing, and I work with mainly high school kids as their first job.  It’s tough to not try and be the old wise man to all these kids when you start hearing them talk.  Tonight I heard one of those kids say

“I’m a $7.25 employee so that’s the work they’re going to get.”

 Obviously this kid never heard or he had ignored being taught Colossians 3:23 that says

“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.”

I hope you aren’t like this young man who was only going to give his employer what he currently made on his paycheck.  That’s not what God had intended for you.  God intended for you to work, in everything you do, wholeheartedly, as if you’re working for the Lord not your employer.  Now if you aren’t doing everything in your life as if you’re working for the Lord, you need to start that today.  So you may be asking yourself why.  Why can’t you be a $7.25 employee?  Because you’re value and your work ethic should have absolutely nothing to do with what you make an hour.

I truly believe God will bless you if you work as if you’re working for Him.

  • Do I mean monetarily?  It’s possible, but if you’re only working harder so you can be blessed, you’re still working for the wrong reasons.
  • Do I mean by way of promotions?  Again it’s possible, but that’s still the wrong thought process for having a good work ethic.

God can and most times will bless you spiritually when you work for Him and not man.  You will have a sense of pride in doing a good job (which is not the sin of being prideful, there is a difference), you’ll feel blessed in your heart.

Now, outside of the spiritual aspect of it, God can and sometimes does bless us in the physical aspects of our lives such as money, recognition, and rewards.  When you work as if you’re working for the Lord instead of man, it’s much easier to “work harder” because the “hard” part won’t seem hard much at all.  You’re boss will see the hard work and normally they’ll try and reward you somehow for it.  You have to remember you’re not working for the boss though, if you’re only reason to work hard is to get some kind of promotion or raise, you’re in it for the wrong reasons and you must must must stop working for man and man alone.  Working for man alone is why so many people burn out of work.

The Challenge

I challenge you to work to the best of your ability for 30 days at your current job.  Be a team player and help others if you’ve finished your own work.  Find new and innovative ideas that can make a process more efficient.  Work as though you’re working for the Lord not for man, for 30 days, and come back and comment on what blessings you experienced afterwards.  I’d love to hear your stories, good or bad, and know how this challenge had an affect on your professional life.
Please like and/or share this with your friends as well.  Groups of friends doing the same challenge is a huge motivational factor when it comes to a challenge!

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