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Welcome to StewardshipDad.com!

Hi! My name is Parker Waldrop and thank you for visiting my site.

You’re going to find on this page a lot of information about me, StewardshipDad, and how I am hoping to improve our Christian families, men, and lifestyles by teaching you more about Biblical Stewardship.


Who Am I?

Well, I’m just an ordinary guy who has been inspired to begin a journey of complete stewardship of the resources God has given me. I have been blessed to be born, raised, and still residing in the great state of Texas with an amazingly supportive wife, Wendy and our 4 kids.

Just to help keep telling myself I’m normal, I’ve been known to often state the phrase, “I’m the one that’s normal, the rest of the world is just weird.” I enjoy computer work (excel spreadsheets are awesome!), graphic design, playing guitar, video games, and Geocaching. Basically if it has technology associated with it, I think it’s pretty cool.



I haven’t been writing/blogging long so if I have grammatical errors or type as I speak, you’ll have to forgive me. I’m from Texas remember?! As I have been writing, I try to complete a simple 500 words every day, whether I publish it or not. This practice allows me to provide better content to you, the reader, when it is published.



As of this year, I have read more books than I think I have in my entire life. The urge kind of just came over me, knowing I turned 30 this year, it was time to get my life on the right track and start seeking wise counsel as the Bible instructs. A bit late, but better late than never I suppose!

My education isn’t your standard definition of formal education, but it’s helped me in areas where others have failed, and for that, I believe I’ve succeeded. I continually look for training to take locally or free courses I can take online. All of which are valuable and beneficial in their own ways. One verse I always have to remember is Proverbs 1:5 which says:

A wise man will hear and increase learning, And a man of understanding will attain wise counsel

Some of the most valuable education classes I’ve ever taken have been:

  • Faith Bible Institute
  • Financial Peace University
  • Financial Freedom God’s Way Academy (still in progress – session 2 of 4)

My ultimate goal is to provide you quality content on how you can be the manager God created you to be.


How did StewardshipDad come to be?

God laid on my heart to start StewardshipDad.com with one of those crazy moments in life when you realize God wants more for us than what we currently have. I’m not talking material wise, heavens no, we are probably the most materialistic society ever to walk the earth. I’m talking about those walks and conversations He wants to have with us, every day.

He doesn’t want us to be so stressed out over how we are going to afford the car payment or bills every month. He wants us to have more time with and for our families. He wants us to enjoy the work we do with the skills and talents He’s blessed us with.



I’ll be honest with you, the timing to start this blog was at a strange time in my life, but God called for it and I followed.  The reason it was strange timing was because I am in the middle of learning more and more about stewardship. I’m in the middle of learning how to apply it for my spiritual walk, my family life, and my work. As I said, as strange as I feel it is in my life right now, God wanted me to follow him, and I believe it has been a great learning experience and blessing since  I started.


What’s on my heart?

God placed in me a strong passion and belief if we could let go of the ownership aspect of our resources to become managers, God will bless us with an unbelievable peace in our lives as this would produce complete trust in Him.

I have always loved to teach others what I’ve learned throughout my life, beginning with guitar then moving into training employees at work. As I’ve grown in this journey of true stewardship, I’ve felt God pulling on my heart to share my knowledge with anyone who would listen, and I pray for those who are listening, that includes you, every day.

I’m a work in progress, and I’m far from a perfect person nor do everything correctly. But my Savior is perfect and He’s forgiven me. I have prayed intently about opening stewardshipdad.com to help spread the message of being a manager by giving up on being an owner. Please pray for me as I walk the journey of being a good steward for God.


What will you find here?

That’s a fair question, and the first thing you will find here is a growing blogger who is dedicated to teaching, even as I am learning it myself.

Here’s a small list of things you’ll find here:

  • Scripture – Stewardship is taught throughout scripture so I don’t feel it would benefit anyone if I left scripture out of my posts.
  • New ideas you’ve always known but either never really thought about or a new perspective on how you thought about them.
  • “Life Hacks” and ways to help you become a better steward of God’s resources
  • Book Reviews – I don’t review all of the books I read, but I try to review a lot of them.


Areas of Stewardship

While I can think of many areas of stewardship, I have found 5 main areas that have caused me the most stress in my life. I work on these 5 areas of stewardship every day, and you know what, that work spills into the rest of my life to help me be a better steward in many different ways.


spiritual-labeled family-labeled
briefcase-labeled money-labeled




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I greatly enjoy hearing from readers so please feel free to contact me through the website contact form below or email me at contact@stewardshipdad.com.  Thank you again for visiting.